Pooja Sheth

Hi, I am Pooja Sheth and I see art as a transformational tool. Art offers a chance for us to see the world through new eyes, to contemplate ideas in a new light and to open our minds to new ways of seeing, thinking and being. Armed with my parent’s artistic proclivities, a stack of coloring books, and some colors, I taught myself to paint when I was a kid.  My creative process starts with either an idea of what I’m going to make or I just sit down with a pencil and my sketchpad and will something into existence. I love taking quotes and trying different  typefaces and also tend to take a little surrealistic approach to it. I like to draw or paint just about anything, from day dreams to a piece of fruit that looks too pretty to eat.  I can’t seem to stick to one medium, but I like the ease of watercolor

My Designs