We love to see artists with ideas and designs that inspire people and spread positivity through their art. We started Knack with the same belief and are really excited to extend our platform to give passionate artists a chance to showcase their art and get value for it through our products.

Onboarding Steps

Do What You Love - DESIGN

Create Amazing Designs

Pickup a Pencil...Scratch your Brain...Scribble your thoughts into Art....Create something Amazing!

Submit Your Designs

Upload your Design...Give it a Quirky Title...Write a short description about how the design transpired and what it portrays and Submit it to us!

Sit Back and Earn

Once reviewed by our internal Art team and your design if selected will be listed on our website. A username and password will be given to you to track the sales of your Art. Relax..Design..Earn!

We are just a mail away.


Important Information

Are there any restrictions on ideas?
We believe in letting the imaginations run wild! Go absolutely berserk and show us what you got. Just make sure the designs are original and not picked up as it is from any source.
What are the products available?
Your amazing designs are ready to be uploaded to our collection of T-Shirts and Posters.
What are the payment terms?
You will receive payouts on the 5th every month for the sales of your designs.
Are there any copyrights issues or things to avoid?

We believe in promoting artist with fresh, original ideas and thought process presented in their art. We do not accept designs or ideas that infringes a third party’s copyright in any manner.

We do not accept designs/pictures copied directly from anywhere on the internet. Designs belonging to other artists, replicating designs with minimal changes will not be accepted. Any desgins of official or licensed entity will be rejected. Offensive artwork, mocking any particular religion, caste, race, creed, political ideology will not be accepted.


Can I promote my designs?
Its Your Art! Be proud of it and Flaunt it. Spread the word, share your work on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and any other social media platform you like. We will keep promoting your new designs regularly on our various social media platforms. You can share the product images directly from our social media platforms too.
Can I use my designs on any other platforms?
Your Art Your Child! You are absolutely free to sell your designs anywhere you want as long as there is no exclusivity clause from the other party you selling it to. Also if the theme or concept is provided by us and you have created the design specially for it the sale of those designs will be exclusive for Knack only.